Where Things Stand: 2020 NFL Edition Part 2

Remember when I said the schedule for Where Things Stand (or WTS for short) would be very tentative? I am shocked I ended up getting this edition out with so many schedule changes.

Well, here we are with Part 2 of the 2020 edition. If you missed Part 1, click here to read it.

The humor, snark and analysis train has to keep chugging somehow, and we are moving along. While I failed in my first attempt at making a time machine, the mulligan still exists for Part 4.

Right now, here’s the tentative remaining schedule for WTS:

-Part 2, covering Weeks 5–8.

-Part 3 will be around Thursday, Dec. 3, covering weeks 9–12.

-Part 4, a couple of days after the NFL’s Black Monday covering Weeks 13–17 plus coaching fires.

I always feel like the second part of this series is the hardest to write each year, but don’t worry folks. We have SEVERAL teams to shred to bits!

Onto the AFC East.


AFC East

Buffalo: 4–0 | Part 2: 6–2

Miami: 1–3 | Part 2: 4–3

Patriots: 2–2 | Part 2: 2–5

NY Jets: 0–4 | Part 2: 0–8

State of the AFC East

-Buffalo: I was going to give you flak for losing to the Titans before we all realized last year was not a mirage, and Tennessee may break their narrative (more on that later).

Still, you’re the top dog for the moment in the perennial New England Invitational Division. You’ll make the playoffs barring a collapse but don’t get too cozy. You’ve lost to the Titans and Chiefs, and Miami is on your rear end in the standings.

Tread carefully.

-Miami: “In the meantime, you have Ryan ‘Fitzception’, Fitzpatrick being a good soldier, taking all the blows and making sure Tua gets to learn before starting. Usually I’m pessimistic when it comes to how long teams sit their highly drafted QB’s, but I say…Week 13 maybe? Barring injury, of course.”

Well, Tua saw the field in Week 6 in a blowout victory over the Jets. He didn’t play much, but he looked good.

I thought Week 13 would be realistic, but I guess fate decided it would happen earlier and not via injury. It was still good to see Tua actually on a football field again.

AND THIS JUST IN! In a decision that surprised even me, the Dolphins announced that Tua would take over as the starter in Week 8. And no, Ryan Fitzpatrick did not get injured to force that decision.

Fitzpatrick was understandably caught off guard. He’s trying to take this in stride, but damn does that hurt! I’m not the only one who feels bad for him, right?

The Dolphins won Tua’s debut and are now 4–3. While he wasn’t spectacular, the Dolphins are in the thick of the playoff hunt. This is getting interesting.

-New England: More positive tests for the Patriots meant several games were either delayed or moved around. I mean you’re right in the thick of… Wait! YOU LOST TO DENVER, SAN FRANCISCO AND BUFFALO!? AND YOU’RE 2–5!?!?

Oh my god, I don’t care if it’s because of COVID-19 or not. I am at a loss for words at what has transpired.

WAIT!! EVEN MIAMI IS AHEAD OF YOU!?!? Excuse me as I go laugh in the corner for a moment! I need this!

Until this years’ series is done, I cannot claim the Patriots dynasty as dead. Please let it come to fruition!

-New York: “Adam Gase will be out the door soon anyway. If he survives past Week 8, I’ll be speechless.”

As of Wednesday, November 4, 2020, Adam Gase has outlasted Dan Quinn and Bill O’Brien. He has not been fired, and he has ruined Sam Darnold and misused Le’Veon Bell.

The Jets are such a dysfunctional franchise. They’re so pathetic it’s not even funny to laugh at them anymore.

You know what? The written word isn’t enough and voice pieces don’t work on Medium as self-file inserts. I don’t feel like putting in any further effort on you right now.

I’ll wait to absolutely destroy you at season’s end with something special.

AFC North

Pittsburgh: 3–0 | Part 2: 7–0

Baltimore: 3–1 | Part 2: 5–2

Cleveland: 3–1 | Part 2: 5–3

Cincinnati: 1–2–1 | Part 2: 2–5–1

State of the AFC North:

-Pittsburgh: The last undefeated team left in football is in the Steel City.

I don’t think I was wrong on the Steelers last time in saying that Ben Roethlisberger looked like his old self. He did that after dominating the Browns, and the fast first-half start ended up being enough to hold off the then-unbeaten Titans and stave off the Ravens.

As much as I loathe the Steelers, they show you what a team like the Browns doesn’t have: The ability to win against the cream of the crop.

They beat Tennessee after almost choking the game away. For fans at home, continue to keep an eye on wideout Chase Claypool. The guy has the potential to be a monster and already has impressed through the first eight weeks.

-Baltimore: Has there honestly been anything notable from the Ravens since last time? I normally have something to say on them, but it feels like a “meh” moment here.

Well, they’re winning?

I ran out of ideas already. *Insert Obligatory Lamar is a Tier 2 quarterback but close to Tier 1 status statement.*

Oh, I guess Earl Thomas did file a grievance against the team that put $5 million back onto their cap while the process plays out.

Thomas is still out of a job for now.

And then, they traded for Yannick Ngakoue from Minnesota. Did they really need to load up more on that end of the ball?

They’re going to extend Ngakoue, aren’t they?

UPDATE: Marlon Humphrey tested positive for COVID-19 Monday. He had played every snap against the Steelers in Week 8.

-Cleveland: You saw Week 6 against Pittsburgh, right? That’s why I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid and will remain even-measured with the Browns until they prove otherwise. I’ll admit I did go a little crazy following Baker’s Week 7 comeback win over the Bengals.

The Browns are off to their best start since Bill Belichick was the head coach and Nick Saban was the head man on defense. 5–3 is something to celebrate heading into the bye week!

Even though they dropped a huge egg against the Steelers and had a bad case of the dropsies versus the Raiders, remember this is a process. No preseason, a new staff, and you lost Nick Chubb with some other injuries to Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry and a few others. Right guard Wyatt Teller hasn’t returned yet either. The coming bye will allow players to finally heal up.

And then, there’s the big one: Odell Beckham Jr. is out the remainder of the season. He tore his ACL on the first pass play against the Bengals trying to make a tackle on a pick thrown by Baker.

It hurts to lose a talent like Odell, but after the interception and going 0-for-5 in the first quarter, Baker went franchise mode the rest of the way with 21 straight completions, which ended with a spike to stop the clock with 16 seconds left, all with a cracked rib.

Then, Donovan Peoples-Jones did this.

And I hate that I have to do this, but to the Browns fans who drank the Kool-Aid before the Pittsburgh drubbing: Did you expect a Super Bowl this year? This is not a roster that has been to the promised land yet.

Secondly, Baker has had four head coaches and three offensive coordinators in three years. No quarterback is going to succeed with that turnover without first seeing some stability. We saw him flash brilliance in Week 7 like he did as a rookie (again, with a fractured rib!). He was done no favors by spotty officiating and his weaponry not helping him against Las Vegas.

Lastly, calm down. This team is likely a 9–10 win team (maybe 11?), and they have a shot at a wild-card spot. Be grateful and relax. It’s not the media’s fault the Browns have been bad, so that’s an unnecessary criticism. I get there are one or two bad apples, but the rest of the basket is still fine.

-Cincinnati: Joe Burrow got his “Welcome to the NFL” moment by the Ravens and then couldn’t pull off a comeback against the Colts following a huge lead.

It’s to be expected from a team that has overall struggled the last few years, but I still see a lot of promise in Burrow. He showed as much after almost beating the Browns in Week 7. He then further proved he has a bright future with his good performance in a victory over the Tennessee Titans.

My narratives are stale. Who is the next shredding victim?

AFC South

Tennessee: 3–0 | Part 2: 5–2

Indianapolis: 3–1 | Part 2: 5–2

Houston: 0–4 | Part 2: 1–6

Jacksonville: 1–3 | Part 2: 1–6

State of the AFC South:

-Tennessee: Who knew that coronavirus could give you superpowers,** and let you be the third-to-last unbeaten team in the NFL until the Steelers stopped your Week 7 rally?

It’s so sad for me here at WTS headquarters. The Titans may finally bust out of their narrative shell and break the 9–7 mold.

You want to know what’s also sad? The fact Adam Gase almost ruined Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill is flourishing in Nashville after getting dumped out of Miami around the time Gase got chased out of town. He looks like the franchise quarterback Miami hoped he would be when he was drafted. It just proves how freaking incompetent Gase is.

Also, to Derrick Henry, that man had a family, and his name was Josh Norman!!!

And yet, we have to mention your recent losing streak now. You lost to the Bengals and now are barely ahead of the Colts based on tiebreakers.

Like Buffalo, tread carefully. The Colts are very flawed and you need to snap out of your funk quickly. I will not hesitate to make you the mulligan team if the stars align perfectly.

**DISCLAIMER: Coronavirus DOES NOT give you superpowers. Wear a mask and stay safe!!

-Indianapolis: This is your obligatory reminder that former General Manager Ryan Grigson, former head coach Chuck Pagano and Owner Jim Irsay were responsible for the demise of Andrew Luck. Now, onto the analysis.

Philip Rivers is somewhat of a problem. Yes, he has upside, but he keeps turning the ball over. That’s what helped propel the Browns forward in Week 5 and almost lead to the Bengals coming back and beating you as well.

T.Y. Hilton also isn’t performing up to expectations, thus making Jonathan Taylor and Jordan Wilkins carry quite the load for this team.

Look, you could get a postseason spot, but you need to cut down on turnovers first. Until that happens, you’re not going to be a legitimate threat.

-Houston: Right before publishing the last edition, Hack O’Brien got fired. Deshaun Watson and co. responded with a win before the nightmare that is Derrick Henry crushed their hopes and dreams of getting back into the race.

Your season is done. Romeo is a fine coach, but even he can’t lead you back to relevance for this year. The damage done by the utterly failed Belichick “disciple”/coach will take a while to recover from. You at least didn’t screw up the Watson extension.

-Jacksonville: Ya know, Gardner Minshew is good for a fantasy quarterback. He gets you some points most weeks, he scores all the garbage time touchdowns, and life is great!

However, that’s not necessarily healthy for a tank for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. That one win over the Colts could have HUGE ramifications on which signal caller this team gets to choose from come April.

There’s no snark here, but you have to decide if you want to keep using the guy who can win football games or sneakily find a way to get Doug Marrone canned and move on to the future.

AFC West

Kansas City: 4–0 | Part 2: 7–1

Las Vegas: 2–2 | Part 2: 4–3

Denver: 1–3 | Part 2: 3–4

LA Chargers: 1–3 | Part 2: 2–5

State of the AFC West:

-Kansas City: Before losing to Oakland, Patrick Mahomes had the longest streak of games going without losing by seven or more points which ended against Oakland at 40.

The response? No, it wasn’t reinforcing the defense. It was giving Mahomes another gridiron wrecking weapon in Le’Veon Bell.

The Chiefs offense is even more potent and deadly. This is after seeing the flashes of potential from Clyde Edwards-Helaire (CEH). It’s a luxury item in adding Bell but if he returns to prior form, the Chiefs will be heavy favorites to win their second straight Super Bowl. My fantasy team hopes for Bell to thrive under General Mahomes.

Mahomes, CEH, Bell, Kelce, Hill, Hardman,Watkins, etc.

The AFC is screwed.

-Las Vegas: You found a way to beat the Chiefs. Actually, you outscored them by hanging forty-plus on the reigning champions. Well done Gruden.

I’m still very tempered with my expectations because you exploited the one weakness of the Chiefs at the moment, pushing the ball downfield with the long throws.

Will you hold this performance up over the remainder of the season or wilt under pressure? I guess we’ll need to wait to find out.

The goal of overtaking the Chiefs might be a bit hard when the entire offensive line was knocked out after potentially being exposed to COVID-19. I’m looking at you, Trent Brown.

-Denver: You beat New England?! Congrats! It’s not as illustrious as it used to be but still, a good showing.

Unfortunately, you’re not ready to knock off big brother in Patrick Mahomes, and the Raiders can actually put up a fight. The Chargers are no slouch either. Plus, you aren’t healthy enough to win every week.

You’re basically in purgatory until next year. Prove me wrong.

UPDATE: Broncos Hall of Fame quarterback and now general manager John Elway and CEO Joe Ellis have tested positive for the Coronavirus. Why am I sensing a trend here?

-LA Chargers: Justin Herbert, welcome to the death sentence that is the Chargers.

You may play a great game and lose. You may play well and the defense may play well, and you’ll lose. You may have a chance to win and still lose because of the old tradition of Chargers kickers shanking kicks (see 1–15 Browns and 2020 Saints as two of several examples)

You’re the full-time starter now, and you have been impressive. However, prepare for several, several agonizing moments over your tenure in LA.

Move back to San Diego Dean Spanos! And while you’re at it, save Herbert for the love of all that is holy!!

— — — — — — -

Okay time for some good ‘ole NFC shredding, although the NFC East is somehow going to end up being mostly spared, along with my editor and residence Eagles fan Brandon Lewis. This is only Part Two, and I’m not completely eviscerating these NFC East teams? Yep, it’s 2020.

— — — — — — -

NFC East

Philly: 1–2–1 | Part 2: 3–4–1

Washington: 1–3 | Part 2: 2–5

Dallas: 1–3 | Part 2: 2–6

NY Giants: 0–4 | Part 2: 1–6

State of the NFC East:

-Philadelphia: As of Week 8, you are barely the least incompetent team in your division. However, you found out that Travis Fulgham might be a legitimate wide receiver option! That’s good news!

I’ll stop there with the positives and ask if you’ve heard me say this before: The Eagles are injured to all hell. I mean seriously, what god did you piss off?! I’m not mad but rather exasperated at what has transpired.

Can I ask who the trainers are or do you have a broken MRI machine or something? I no longer know how to deal with you since it feels almost unfair to blast you because of those injuries.

And yeah, the Jalen Raegor over Justin Jefferson selection isn’t looking any better right now. Ouch! Maybe this becomes a long running narrative for this series? I see potential here. Jefferson versus Raegor.

Now take your wins over the Giants and Dak-less Cowboys and be grateful everyone else in this division chokes every week.


I may sound like a Smith homeboy, but he nearly lost his damn leg and actually made it back into an NFL game versus the Rams. Albeit he wasn’t good, with the Rams knocking him around. However, he proved he could make it back and play. I respect that! Alex Smith is the image of perseverance and never giving up.

Now, Ron Rivera just needs to realize that if he wants to win, he needs to start Smith over Kyle Allen. It will happen, but it probably will be too little, too late.

I was hoping that maybe Dwayne Haskins could be your future, but it appears there are several issues at play here and maybe a required change of scenery.

And let’s add a little good news to the end here. Riverboat Ron had his last day of chemo a little over a week ago. It was truly heartwarming. Screw cancer Ron! You did it!

-Dallas: So Mike McCarthy is… Oh dear god… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Any shredding of the Cowboys has gone out the window (*for now*). Dak Prescott is done for the year. The injury was gruesome, and I will not subject you to view it.

Look, Andy Dalton can be a good quarterback (says this before Dalton is knocked out via Jon Bostic in Week 7), but there are two outcomes here in my mind that really matter.

1) Prescott leaves Dallas after all of this, the only franchise he’s ever known.

2) Any dip in the offense will be attributed to not having Dak and will lead to him having extreme leverage over Jerry Jones on a new contract extension he will be handsomely rewarded with.

This is quite the quandary for Dallas (I say that sarcastically), but I think option two is the end result. Do I dare speak options three and four into existence? I say it’s best to not tempt fate and say no more for right now because I know Dallas fans will be after my head.

UPDATE: To add insult to literal injury, Andy Dalton has been placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list. There’s gonna be a stoppage, no way there isn’t at some point.

-NY Giants: Congratulations! You got out of winless territory before the Butt Fumbling Jets! At least one of New Jersey’s teams knows how to win at least ONE football game.

I really don’t think Daniel Jones is your answer. You might want to mention that to Dave Gettleman when you hand him his pink slip at the end of the year.

And yet again, this is a “meh” moment other than they have now lost the chance to be in the driver’s seat in the Tank for Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields sweepstakes…

You thought we were moving on, didn’t you? Let’s say that things got interesting for some Giants players and not in a good way.

Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, what is this partying with teammates without masks after a game story about? There is a video, and you know The Shield doesn’t like disobedience! You’re not escaping punishment for trying to have a fun time!

Any discipline is deserved as the league tries to avoid another Tennessee situation from happening.

NFC North

Green Bay: 4–0 | Part 2: 5–2

Chicago: 3–1 | Part 2: 5–3

Detroit: 1–3 | Part 2: 3–4

Minnesota: 1–3 | Part 2: 2–5

State of the NFC North:

-Green Bay: Tom Brady lit up Green Bay, and the biggest highlight the Packers had to show for it was Aaron Rodgers doing a Key and Peele Sketch. Here’s a comparison of Rodgers versus Hingle McCringleberry.

Everyone has a bad game like the Packers and Rodgers did against Tampa Bay. He even got Davante Adams in on the fun in Week 7 as he clearly wasn’t thrilled by the demolition Brady put on Packerland either.

As long as you getting destroyed doesn’t become a trend (and you know how I like trends), you’ll be just fine.

I wish some of my fellow Browns fans understood this happens to good teams.

UPDATE: Running back A.J. Dillon tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday. Seriously, what is it with Weeks 4 and 8 this year?!

-Chicago: Big Dick Nick beat Tom Brady in Week 5 to move to 2–0 lifetime against The GOAT. If that doesn’t get you a GIF for your narrative, I don’t know what does.

We all know you’re likely to be imposters right? I’m calling you frauds right now and so is Gridiron Heights:

Still, I admire your ambition. Let’s see if you can exercise the ghost of Cody Parkey.

-Detroit: Detroit has a few wins, but this is a stale narrative for now. Moving on!

UPDATE: Matthew Stafford is on the Reserve/COVID-19 List. My word!

-Minnesota: *Hello Darkness My Old Friend*

The choking continues against the Seahawks and Falcons. I think we need to remind everyone of what happened versus Seattle here and what happened after Dan Quinn got booted out the door here.

Despite Dalvin Cook’s efforts against Green Bay getting Minnesota their second victory, this team’s defense is absolutely putrid.

I offer my sympathies to my sports coordinator Quentin Griffin. It may take a lot of therapy to get over this, and his Penn State Nittany Lions getting screwed versus Indiana. And yes, we have the inverse even year-odd year version of the San Francisco Giants. Read Part 1 for an explanation, hyperlinked in the intro above.

At least you recouped some draft capital by trading Yannick Ngakoue but did it have to be with Baltimore?

The good news is that you should be good again in 2021. Remember, never trust the Vikings in an even-numbered year!

NFC South

Tampa Bay: 3–1 | Part 2: 6–2

New Orleans: 2–2 | Part 2: 5–2

Carolina: 2–2 | Part 2: 3–5

Atlanta: 0–4 | Part 2: 2–6

State of the NFC South:

-Tampa Bay: I was going to absolutely eviscerate Tom Brady for going 0–2 lifetime versus Nick Foles and forgetting what down it was against the Bears, but all is forgotten (for me at least) after lighting up Green Bay with what amounted to a nuke being dropped.

I believe Tampa will make the playoffs, but I can’t see how this goes because it’s still weird he’s playing decent outside of New England. No old people jokes or ~anything~.

Okay, I’m still showing the fourth down clip for the need of the humor and snark quota being met, but there’s now even bigger fish to fry with the Buccaneers.

They signed Antonio Brown. Yes, that guy!

Remember when Bruce Arians said that there would be no way the Bucs bring in AB? Well, I guess we know that Brady has a chokehold on the organization, and he has far more power than imagined. I wonder if Belichick would be proud of his former quarterback’s power grab?

Assuming Brown actually steps foot on the field in a game setting against New Orleans in Week 9 and doesn’t throw a hissy fit over a helmet, here is just some of the weaponry on this Tampa Bay squad.

Brady, Brown, Godwin, Evans, RoJo, Gronk, Howard, and Brate.

Holy mother of Joe Montana!

Now onto the old man moment.

-New Orleans: We should be talking about how good the Saints have been with Michael Thomas out, and Emmanual Sanders knocked out by COVID-19. Alvin Kamara is one of the greatest running back finds of the last decade, and Drew Brees isn’t fully wilted yet.

With Thomas, there was Week 5. He was out that week due to discipline levied against him after an altercation with a teammate. I never heard that there were whispers about Thomas being difficult before. I’m shaking my head.

In all seriousness, the Saints are keeping pace with Tom Brady and the Bucs, and this is without Thomas for every contest except for Week 1. I’m impressed. Let’s see how long this lasts.

-Carolina: I was remiss in not remembering how good Teddy Bridgewater can be (see Week 5), and then how at other times this team does not have Christian McCaffery to cover the flaws (see Week 6).

Bridgewater is good, but he needs more weapons.

Let’s see if coach Matt Rhule is still around in the 2022 edition. I want to say you might not have to tank and fire him, but we’ll see.


You may have won a game, but it’s time for painful shredding.


I am not sorry Falcons fans. We have to double it from last time as I finally have another punching bag for narratives. The Fall Down Falcons meme has been born!

*Commence Operation Shred the Fall Down Falcons*

NFC West

Seattle: 4–0 | Part 2: 6–1

Arizona: 2–2 | Part 2: 5–2

LA Rams: 3–1 | Part 2: 5–3

San Fran: 2–2 | Part 2: 4–4

State of the NFC West:

-Seattle: *Brief-yet-heavy sarcasm rant ensues*

~Thank you David Moore for costing me my Week 7 fantasy football matchup to a guy I can’t beat in the regular season the last four years. Your penalty in overtime robbed me of the Russell Wilson to DK Metcalf touchdown that would have given me a victory.~ Just you alone are getting a brief shredding.

Now, onto the actual analysis.

Wilson has been otherworldly, with the three picks against the Cardinals notwithstanding. He had ice in his veins Week 5 as he tossed a game-winning touchdown to Metcalf and tortured the Viking faithful.

This offense could have been even more deadly had they landed Antonio Brown, but I guess some things aren’t meant to be. I really thought you had him.

This division is a slug fest and filled with injuries to key players. Be prepared for the injury bug to take a swipe at you soon.

-Arizona: The Cardinals are still playing good football and obliterated a Dak-less Dallas a few weeks back. Then you beat the almost unstoppable Seahawks in overtime (and I’m still not happy with David Moore).

I will say I like you to snag the last wild card, and I think that’s a safe call. Brandon was very bullish on you but perhaps a little too much.

I’m more tempered with you since you did lose to the Lions. I will have no further comment.

-LA Rams: I would like to point out the Rams are frauds.

“Why would you say that Fitz?” some folks might ask.

Their only victories are against the entire NFC East, and their fellow frauds in the Chicago Bears.

If you watched the Gridiron Heights video that went with the Bears, my point is made up there too.

Prove me wrong by going at least 11–5.

-San Francisco: This is the division of death. This will be a brutal slugfest that we will all enjoy with four very good teams jockeying for a spot.”

The above statement still stands. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

— — — — -

So, you lost to Miami in Week 5, and there honestly isn’t any meme-worthy laughter for that anymore. However, you won against the Rams in Week 6…

And now you’ve lost Raheem Mostert to IR with a high ankle sprain. The same happened to Jeff Wilson Jr. against the Patriots (and here I thought Jerrick McKinnon was going to get the first crack at it).

Did you anger the same Deity as the Eagles did or is this just the curse of MetLife Stadium coming into effect with the bloodbath of injuries? At least Jimmy G was healthy… until the day after losing to the Seahawks in Week 8.

He is now out indefinitely with (you guessed it) a high ankle sprain!

My sinking feeling that he was next to go down again with Mostert was correct from what I initially wrote up in the draft version and George Kittle is out for several weeks too! I guess this injury bug is in place of a Super Bowl hangover after all. Sorry 49ers, this just isn’t your year.

However, we can thank you for ravaging New England in Week 7. Jimmy G became only the second former Belichick QB to actually beat him, the other being Drew Bledsoe. Before that, ex-Belichick quarterbacks were 1–7 against The Hoodie.

UPDATE: The team had to close it’s facility the day before Thursday Night Football for Week 9. The NFL is going to need a week off to work through this, aren’t they?


That’s the second edition in the books for 2020. Come back next time as I am sure that we will finally have more snark and humor with the analysis. Part 2’s are always hard. Thanks again to my editor Brandon Lewis. Go follow him on Twitter @brandonlewis_7 and @real_bworld and my info is down below.


Sean Fitzgerald is the sports director of the Black Squirrel Radio Sports Department. He co-hosts Pass the Mic Sports Talk. Follow him on Twitter @fitzonsportsbsr for insights and occasional livestreams, as well as here on medium.com.




Award-winning journalist, sports broadcaster, writer and voice talent.

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Sean Fitzgerald

Award-winning journalist, sports broadcaster, writer and voice talent.

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